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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crab in my Pants

I stayed home sick from work yesterday. I went to the doctor (which I hate doing and rarely go, even when I should). I knew they were going to tell me I, basically, have a bad cold but since my throat still felt like I was trying to swallow razor blades that had been lit on fire, I decided to err on the side of caution. I had a fever while I was there, but I was right. Just a stupid flu and was told to drink/eat lots of fluids and the doctor gave me some Naproxen (Aleve) for the fever and body aches and told me to get some Zyrtec.

I wish I could say I felt better today, but I really don't. Blah. My spirits were lifted tremendously yesterday evening when my boyfriend surprised me with an order of chicken noodle soup from our favorite little soup place!

So delicious. Definitely hit the "I'm sick and want some homemade chicken soup but don't really feel like making it" spot! That is homemade bread they make also. To die for (which I completely felt like I was going to do). ;) Can I just add that this wasn't exactly "on the way home" for him? This little place is completely on the other side of town. He probably had to go about 40 minutes round trip out of his way to pick up these little gems for me :) I sent him a text about 15 minutes after he should have been home asking if everything was okay. He replied, "traffic :/". Mmmhmm. Right. I was like, there is no way he is stuck in traffic this long because I so would have been hearing about it via text message. :) Sneaky, sneaky. Awesome surprise.

Prior to the amazing soup, all I had eaten for the day was some roasted green beans with a fried egg on top. No, you don't need to re-read that sentence, you read it correctly: roasted green beans topped with a fried egg. I came across this on a blog not too long ago (I think this one?) and thought gross! But for some reason I was intrigued enough to try it a couple weeks ago with roasted Brussels sprouts (side note: did you know they were actually called "Brussels sprouts", not brussel sprouts? I didn't.). Wow...really, really good! The yolk from the egg makes kind of a sauce. That might sound gross to some, but if I order or make pan-fried eggs, I make them "dippy" eggs, so it's perfect for me. I think the technical term for "dippy eggs" is over-medium (I don't like over-easy...that's a little too dippy for me).  

Anyway, I needed to eat something and needed to eat something semi-nutritious. Eggs (protein), green beans (veggie). That equals nutrition in my book these days. And, big deal if I cook my green beans in bacon grease. I have Georgia roots. How else am I supposed to cook them? Duh.  

(Oh, and if anyone is reading this and happens to be keeping track - that makes 3 out of 4 blog posts that I have talked about eggs.). I'll just keep it to myself, then, that I bought more farm fresh eggs (blue ones this time) at the farmer's market this morning.

Yesterday, after I took a nap and my fever broke, I felt like taking a nice, long bath before I had to leave to get the littlest brothers from school. When I was drying off, something moving caught the corner of my eye in my pile of clothes on the floor. I had been wearing yoga pants prior to my bath and they were balled up folded neatly on the floor of the bathroom. At first, I thought maybe it was a palmetto bug (not to be confused with a roach - we have palmetto bugs in Florida whether your house is pristine or not) crawling up my pants leg. So, I grabbed the pants from the top part and gently shook them with my left hand and was ready to smash the palmetto bug with a flip-flop in my right hand. Oh, but no, it was not a disgusting palmetto bug crawling in my pants. THIS is what staring back at me:

I know. You're absolutely, completely shocked since I gave that away in the title of this blog post. Whatever. There may or may not have been many expletives shouted when I saw this little guy. I wasn't scared or anything. Obviously, considering I had the presence of mind to not only go grab my phone to take a picture, but to grab my phone, take a picture, Instagram it, text it to my mom and Rob, and upload it to Twitter. It was more of a "WHAT IN THE F&^% is a CRAB doing in my PANTS?!?" kind of shouting. Of course, Rob replies with "You have crabs?!" Ha. Ha. I have no idea where the little crab ended up running off to. Or however crabs transport themselves. I swear...this kind of stuff only happens to me. 

On the weight loss front, Saturdays are my weigh-in days and I lost 1 pound today! I sooo wanted to lose more than 1 today because that will put me at 20 total. No rush, though. It will happen next week! 

This has turned into quite the novel so I'm going to shut up now. Hoping to feel better in the morning so I can make it to Zumba! It's another class that the guy teaches, so I know it will be awesome. 

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